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vintage lovers on Instagram, come and join us !

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of the week

Here is one of our upcycled pieces ! We are true lovers of blazers, except we especially love them with two back vents. This particular blazer had none. But we loved to colour and the cut very much !

So in order to love it a bit more, I decided to add a big vent at the back. This is ideal to show off an outfit without being held back by the oversize blazer !

And as 99% of what we do, everything used to upcycle this piece is second-hand. The blazer is of course vintage, but the ribbon too and even the thread used to sew it ! We’re very proud of that, and we hope you will like it too.

Last Drop

Here is our selection of affordable, vintage, and trendy clothes for your new wardrobe.


Everything is handmade by us with vintage fabrics or second-hand garments.

aesthetic photo of a handmade buckhat from vintage fabrics
aesthetic picture of sewing materials and vintage fabrics

Why vintage is cool

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Good quality clothes

Made to last a lifetime

Excellent value for money

Ecological and sustainable alternative

Come on it just looks cool

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