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I grew up in the Swiss countryside, surrounded by nature all year long. Swimming in the Lac Léman in the summer, or skiing down the alpine slopes in the winter. And being only 21 years old, I already noticed the irrevocable damage climate change has done to our home. The ski season is shorter every year, we no longer have a white Christmas, the summers keep getting warmer, longer, the trees in our forests get sick from exotic parasites, our lakes dry up, our vines are freezing in April. The list goes on and on.

We need to act. Our generation is the change we need.

Knowing all of this, it only made sense for me to try and sensibilize others to the devastating effects of the fast fashion industry on our climate, and provide them with sustainable options – my favourite being vintage clothes.

With vintage, you only really use and buy materials already in circulation, therefore drastically reducing the carbon footprint of the piece of clothing you have in your hands. Moreover, clothes made 50 or so years ago were made to last a lifetime, and are then of much better quality than the clothes being produced nowadays – double win !

And when I’m not sourcing vintage clothes for my wardrobe (or for you !), I make them myself. Indeed, every woman in my family took part in showing me how to sew, knit, dye, crochet, or embroider.  You can find a few of my handmade garments here, all made from pre-existing or vintage fabrics !


My love of fashion comes from my mother. She, her sister, and my aunt always sewed all their clothes themselves, it was a very common thing in my family. When she had me, she had neither the time nor the strength to sew children’s clothes. So she started to buy fast fashion.

However, from a young age, I was continually in an environment where clothes were never thrown away, but given to other children in the family when I could no longer wear them. During my teenage years, I, unfortunately, started buying fast fashion, for many reasons. Influenced by my relatives, I did not think of buying second-hand.

It was only at the age of 17 that my sensitivity to the environment was asserted, and with it the choices I made from then on were clear-cut. What I like most about second-hand is the unique pieces, vintage brands, made of quality materials at affordable prices !

Young white lady wearing vintage clothes


When we met in 2018, we found in each other someone with the same point of view regarding the fast fashion industry.
None of our friends bought second-hand, so together we discussed alternatives to fast fashion and shared our tips and tricks for a more sustainable way of living. After accumulating exceptional pieces, more by passion than by need, we opened an Instagram account for reselling vintage clothes. It was November 2020, Wear It Again was born!

What we do, together, is to give value back to neglected objects. 

Our goal is to offer an affordable and sustainable alternative to people who want to do something for the planet. Yes, as students ourselves, we are aware of the economic appeal of fast fashion.

Here, we promise you prices that reflect the quality of the garment we offer, and with the guarantee that if it is already 40 years old, it will age with you for many years to come. After all, they were made at a time when people bought one garment a year and treasured it.

We encourage you to do the same with your Wear It Again pieces, and anything else you already have in your closet.

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