Thank you all for your sweet feedback, it really makes our hearts so full <3

“Hi ! I already received the t-shirt and I really love it, the card and the packaging was really sweet. Thank you so much !” – Manon

“Just found the parcel in my mailbox, I really love your express shipping ! It’s a pleasure buying from Wear It Again, and thank you for the really sweet card.” – Louise

“Hello ! I just received the jacket and my boyfriend loves it, thank you so much !” – Maëva

“OMGGGG the bag is so pretty, I will never let it go !” – Rachel

“I just wanted to let you know that after weeks of using the belt it is still in perfect shape, I wear it every day !” – Sébastien

“I just got the shirt and it’s already my favourite, thank you !!” – Léa

“Thank you so much for the suit, it’s such great quality, and it makes me feel so confident. Thank you again.” – Céline

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