Our favourite second-hand shops in Geneva

After the guides of the best places to do second-hand shopping in Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Fribourg, here is the guide for our favourite second-hand shops in Geneva!
Don’t hesitate to share it with all your friends and to write us about your experiences in these shops! If you feel like sending us your best addresses, we’ll be happy to make a part 2!
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Renfile brocantes et boutiques

There are two flea markets and four CSP shops in Geneva. If you only have one day to do second-hand shopping in Geneva, we particularly recommend the Plainpalais and Eaux-Vives shops. You will be able to find real and beautiful vintage and branded items. The shops are very well maintained and the quality/price ratio is excellent. You can find their address here.


In a large thrift shop located near the Plainpalais plain, you can find trendy clothes and pieces from brands such as Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Burberry’s, and Levi’s. If you are particularly fond of streetwear, we strongly advise you to drop by. And for those of you who want to get an idea of what you’ll find there, take a look at their Instagram.

La paire

Without hesitation our favourite address in Geneva! From its full name “La paire café – friperie”, you will understand that this shop offers a café space (Brunch, Lunch, Afterwork) and a thrift store space with very good quality vintage pieces! Take a look at their Instagram, their aesthetic is a dream!

You can find their Instagram here.

Point Rouge Caritas

If you have already visited Caritas shops in other cities in Switzerland, we will surely not have to sell them to you any more because they are always a hit. For Geneva, we recommend the two big shops in Plainpalais and Eaux-Vives!

La Solderie (Caritas)

Are you looking for second-hand or vintage clothes at the lowest price? Here is the address of your dreams: Rue de Carouge 53, passage 51. When you arrive at passage 51, you will see a large Caritas sign with stairs that will lead you to the lower floor where the shop is located.


A little out of Geneva, you will find THE big Emmaus in Carouge. The first time we went there, we almost got lost… it’s a big labyrinth. The shop offers furniture, crockery, books, etc… but what we like best is their large selection of clothes! The prices are higher than in the other Emmaus shops we had the chance to visit in Switzerland, but they remain totally affordable!


The shop presents itself as feminine, sustainable and supportive. For all styles, you can consume in an eco-responsible way and with taste, at low prices! Sales on their Instagram are regular, reservations are made by phone and clothes are to be picked up at the shop!

Vêt’Shop Croix‑Rouge

Rue Leschot 2, you will discover a magnificent shop overflowing with beautiful pieces! It’s impossible not to find something you like! Don’t forget to go downstairs, a great selection of vintage pieces will be waiting for you!

That’s it for our favourite second-hand shops in Geneva ! If you liked this guide, don’t hesitate to check out the one we made for our favourite second-hand shops in Fribourg ! You can find the link here.

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